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Gregory A. Bell

Attorney at Law

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My Legal Practice

I dedicated my law practice exclusively to family law matters, such as: Divorce, Custody, Parenting Time, Termination of Parental Rights and Grand Parents' Rights.

 My name is Gregory A. Bell.  I am a licensed Michigan Attorney and have been in practice over 18 years.  Prior to law school, I served in the US ARMY.  

My "practice" includes a well trained and dedicated legal team and staff.  Attorneys are only as good as their support staff and legal teams.  My legal team and staff have supported me for years in countless friend of the court conciliation hearings, referee hearings, motion hearings and  jury trials.   I have the one of the best family law staff and legal teams in Michigan.  From the first call, our clients are put at ease by our  confidence and experience.  You do not need additional stress from your lawyer  or his staff during a divorce, custody issue or facing a termination of parental rights case.  Experience, dedication and an exceptional client-serving staff, help our clients focus on the tough decisions and not on their attorneys.

Our Billing System the Best in the State

Our clients have instant access to all  their pleadings, correspondence, emails, faxes and phone calls,   Our clients see in "real time" every thing instantly through their  online account portals.

At BELL LAW we use the one of the most current and "client friendly" billing systems available - MyCase .  Much like your medical related portals, MyCase portals allow the safe and confidential storage and retrieval of case information for our clients.  Our clients are assigned a user name and password enabling them to monitor their case at any time from any place.  

 They are notified in "real time" by email for every event as it occurs.  Every billing entry entered,  every phone call made, every pleading drafted,  all research conducted and any other action triggers an email to our client with a complete explanation and associated costs.  My staff uploads every document into my clients' files.  Even more remarkable, every call is recorded and then electronically  uploaded into the clients' portal files.  It is an revolutionary tool to keep clients well informed.  


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