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Divorce / Custody / Parenting Time / Child Support /

Parental Rights Termination / Grand Parent's Rights

Divorce, custody, termination of parental rights and parenting time issues are never easy to deal with and certainly not when it involves the most important people and aspects of your life. It's important to employ the help of a professional who understands the necessary approaches to take for protecting you, your children and your assets.

Greg Bell, Attorney at Law


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BELL LAW is a successful and bold  law firm.  We are a leading boutique law firm providing a individualized legal service with an experienced  and  dedicated legal team and staff.

 BELL LAW is experienced in every aspect of family law matters, such as: divorce, custody, parenting time, termination of parental rights and grand parents.


Law Practice

BELL LAW has limited its area of practice to family law matters, which include: Divorce, Custody, Parenting Time, Termination of Parental Rights and Grand Parents' Rights. 

BELL LAW has also limited the number of open cases as well.  At this time, we  are still taking new clients and have not closed the door on new clients yet.  Our legal services are professional and trustworthy. 


 Client Billing Program

BELL LAW uses the most current and "client friendly" billing systems available - MyCase . Much like your medical related portal, the MyCase portal allows for the safe and confidential storage and retrieval client information.  Our clients are assigned a user name and password.  This enables them to monitor their case at any time from any place.

Our clients are notified in "real time" by an email of all events.  For every billing entry, every phone call made, very bit of research conducted, every pleading drafted or any other action - triggers and email to the client.  Along with the notification, a complete explanation is included.  My staff uploads every document into my clients' files.  Even more remarkable, every phone call is recorded.  Then those recorded phone calls are uploaded into the corresponding client's portals.   Every phone call associated with their cases is uploaded and available for that client to review.  It is an evolutionary way to keep clients well informed so that they may make accurate decisions.

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